Beverly Hills Beauty | Hair color trends you need to try for 2018
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Hair color trends you need to try for 2018

A new ‘do is sure to brighten up things no matter what kind of experience you’ve had. There’s always the option of getting a dramatic chop, but if you’re ready for something as drastic, a change in color is always a good idea. Take a cue from these gorgeous blondes, brunette, red, and multi-tone hair hues.


Yes! The Pantone color of the year is indeed number one in the list of a must try. Fantasy colors aren’t going anywhere, but if you’ve been reluctant to try one because it requires bleaching and you have dark hair, violet may be just right for you. The deep bluish-purple will show up without lightening your hair first.


Chocolate mauve hair colors are perfect for this year. The color is a complex arrangement of several hair colors mainly brown and lilac that create an overall warm and beautiful look that is strong yet soft. This is a great way for brunettes to get a modern take on highlights.


Fashion gurus lately were freaking out over the stunning blend of bright jewel-toned hair colors. These bright and catchy hair colors feature purples, teals and other unnatural hues. If you are truly ready for a big commitment, these tones might be just perfect for you BUT you have to consider your skin tone and natural hair color before plunging into the jewel-toned territory.

If you have fair skin or light hair…opt for a light or medium jewel-toned shade. An aqua or amethyst jewel-toned hair color can look especially gorgeous when paired with your fair skin.

If you have olive skin or dark hair…the darker your skin tone and starting hair color, the darker jewel-toned shade you can get away with rocking. We especially love how fuchsia, emerald, and sapphire hair accentuates olive skin tones.

If you have dark skin…try ultra-dark jewel-toned colors, like garnet and ruby, as well as vibrant lighter colors that really pop, like topaz. Gorgeous!

Swoon-worthy jewel tone hair!


An amazing mix of hues — vibrant reds with orange tones that create a burnt orange hair look that will fit your fiery personality.

This stunning twist to your everyday red complements both fair and darker skin tones, burnt orange color rocks for the summer and all the way into fall.


Wearing a rose shade has never been so much fun. This ultra-feminine shade steps a notch higher and comes up with new modern solutions and balayage technique is the “answer”. It’s the best way to add a sophisticated touch to your strands besides, balayage is a more natural approach towards the shade. It’s all about subtle highlights, strategically placed throughout the locks.

Rose gold is not only for light-haired ladies, brunettes are welcome to try the look too.

Somehow, it’s hard to imagine a rose gold shade on black hair but you can see that the contrast between the shades is cute.


The thought of going gray is no longer something that freaks people out. If you’re thinking about letting nature run its course, now’s the time — women are actually dyeing their hair gray. Like with platinum blonde hair, be sure to eliminate any brass or yellow tones by using a purple shampoo a few times a week.

Unfortunately, gray dye doesn’t stick around for long. To maintain the color for as many weeks as you possibly can, White recommends using a shampoo with a blue or purple hue.


Dark black hair colors are meant to bring out your inner queen. You will always have a refined look with this solid hue whether it is blue black, raven black or jet black and it goes almost with all complexions.

However, according to many professional hair colorists jet black hair color is one of the powerful shades for hair that makes it look healthy, strong and quite shiny. This is not the dull black but the glossy jet black. It is ideally reflected both on straight and curly hairstyles and tend to freshen your hair.

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